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Happy Senior Couple


Retirement is something we all strive to get to but can mean different things to different people. This could be the long awaited moment when you leave your job to start a more relaxing life. A chance to try out a second career or explore volunteer opportunities. Maybe you always pictured yourself becoming a world traveler. No matter what your vision, planning and strategy is what will get you there.

There are a myriad of different questions that need answers. We can guide you by:

  • Determining whether you are on track to meet your retirement goals

  • Ascertaining whether you are able to retire early or how your situation changes if you work longer

  • Modeling specific scenarios you desire (career changes, buying a new house, sale of a business, etc.)

  • Analyzing the allocations of your retirement plans

  • Establishing the optimal time to take social security

  • Determining the best retirement vehicle to invest your retirement savings

  • Evaluating the most appropriate investments to withdraw from during retirement in order to minimize taxes

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