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Regardless of your age or economic situation, proper planning is essential in ensuring your assets will be preserved and distributed according to your intentions. Without an estate plan, your assets will be distributed according to state and federal laws, not necessarily according to your wishes. Your estate may also be subjected to substantial taxes that are entirely avoidable. The time you spend now will help your loved ones to cope later, and also will ensure your wishes will be fulfilled.

Estate planning involves complex concepts that are regulated by varying state and federal laws.  We firmly believe that managing the transfer of your accumulated wealth is the cornerstone of a lasting legacy.

Goldberg Larkin will work with your estate planning attorneys and tax specialists to help you create an estate plan solution that considers what you want to do for yourself, your family and friends, and the world around you.

Goldberg Larkin has particular expertise in:

  • Property Ownership Alternatives

  • Insurance Analysis

  • Wills & Trusts

  • Power of Attorney

  • Healthcare Directives

  • Qualified Plan Distributions

  • Family-Gifting Strategies

  • Charitable Planning

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