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The closing of one chapter opens the door to another.

Financial Guidance Pre, During, and Post Divorce

There is perhaps no more stressful transition in life than divorce. Besides the emotional distress, there is often financial uncertainty as well. Typical questions we hear are: “Should I keep the house?” “How do I transfer money to my name?” “How should I invest my money?” “Will I be okay?”

Both Ed and Brenda are Certified Divorce Financial Analysts® and have specialized training in all the financial aspects of divorce. They can work with you before, during and after your divorce.

Before you initiate a divorce action, Ed and Brenda can help you understand the different divorce processes available to you and help you decide which process might be most appropriate given your facts and circumstances.

During your divorce, Ed and Brenda can help you understand the financial ramifications of any financial settlement being proposed.

After the divorce is finalized, Ed and Brenda can help you with your post-divorce transition, including your own comprehensive financial plan, asset transfers, how to allocate your money, and more.

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