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Pregnant Woman and Partner

Life Insurance

In life our biggest joys create some of our biggest responsibilities.  Marriage, children and home ownership create financial dependencies that may be difficult to sustain in the event of an unexpected loss of life.  At Goldberg Larkin we will assist you in determining how best to protect your family in the case of an unexpected loss.  Our planning process will determine which insurance company is best for your situation, the type of insurance needed, and the amount of coverage one needs to place in force to best protect the financial assets of your family.  Life insurance provides your family the financial security blanket needed to ensure your financial net worth is protected against that unexpected tragedy. 

Disability Insurance

As one might expect, yearly income is a very important part of your every day life. It determines the type of house you have, the car you drive, and the lifestyle you live. Have you ever wondered what would happen if there were to be catastrophic disability in which you were no longer able to provide that that yearly income stream? Disability insurance provides income replacement (up to a certain percentage of your income) to protect you against such an event. Whether you are a small business owner or a corporate executive, Goldberg Larkin will help you review that need and guide you through the process.  Our goal is to have you covered so that your loved ones don't have to.

Old and Young

Long-Term Care

The cost of nursing homes/assisted care facilities have been continuously increasing. Meaning, if you are not insured, assisting a loved one could put you in a financial predicament. A long term care insurance policy may enable you to transfer a portion of the economic liability of long term care to an insurance company in exchange for regular premiums. Long term care insurance may be used to help pay for skilled care, intermediate care, and custodial care. Most policies pay for nursing-home care, and comprehensive policies may also cover home care services and assisted living. Insurance can help protect your family financially from the potentially devastating cost of a long-term disabling medical condition, chronic illness, or cognitive impairment.

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